Baseball Development Secrets System

Baseball-specific Strength Programs. Velocity Throwing Program. Showcase Tips. Recruiting Course. Sports Nutrition. This is the full BRX Baseball Development Secrets System that has been helping our in-person AND online athletes transform their baseball abilities, on-field performance, and reach the highest levels of baseball.

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Why Join

Each member of our Baseball Development Secrets will receive:

- Monthly Baseball Specific Strength Training Programs (At-Home, Youth, Beginner, Advanced)

- Monthly Throwing Velocity Programs (Youth & Advanced)

- [Free Bonus] Recruiting Secrets Course: A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Help You Understand The Recruiting Process And Get Noticed

- [Free Bonus] Showcase Secrets Course: 50+ Video Tips To Help You Perform At Your Best At Showcases Or Tryouts

- [Free Bonus] BRX Sports Nutrition Course: eBook and Video course that breaks down how to properly fuel your body in order to maximize your performance.

- BRX Mobile App Access: Each workout is sent straight to your mobile devices with detailed videos so you can do all of the drills with perfect form.

- BRX Online Discussion Board: Where Our Expert Coaches Can Answer Your Toughest Questions

after 7 day free trial